The HGR team has teamed up with hair loss expert Dr. Mauricio Luna to give our users quality online consultations regarding their hair loss issues. These appointments will be available starting February 2017, however you can book an appointment today! Each session lasts half an hour and costs $99. This will be a good opportunity to discuss any concerns you have regarding your hair loss issues.

Advice given during this consultation is informal advice and recommendation from a hair loss expert and is not intended to be medical advice. For medical advice, please consult your local health care specialist.

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About Dr Luna

Dr. Luna, MD, a physician who studied at Johns Hopkins, has had a storied career in the hair loss industry. Wroking closely with dermatologist and entrepreneur Giovanni Bojanini, MD, he pioneered and launched multiple advanced hair care clinics in the USA, Europe and Latin America. He has over 10 years of experience in the hair loss industry and more than 7 years conducting research on hair loss for private companies.

The standard clinic in America was and is still focused on surgery as a main therapeutic option. Giovanni changed the industry overseas by focusing on custom topical treatments as the most important line of therapy.Dr. Luna, MD

Dr. Luna attended the 2009 European Hair Research Society event in Jerusalem, Israel, and plans to attend the 2017 Hair Loss Congress in
Kyoto, Japan.