What are hair fibers?


Hair building fibers (or sometimes known as hair filler fibers) are a completely different approach to building thicker hair while immediately providing the illusion of the same. They are electrostatically charged fibers made from different materials. The higher quality ones are made of natural fibers.

You apply the fibers by sprinkling them over thinning areas of hair, tapping them down upon the scalp with your fingers. The fibers cling to the existing hair and scalp and can be “settled” with a light application of hair spray. The hair filler fibers bind to individual hair shafts, making each strand of hair appear thicker.

Does it Work?


Many users find that this fibers have restored to them their former appearance and are pleased with the natural looking results.

These hair filler fibers do an excellent job of disguising mildly to moderate hair loss, although, unfortunately, they do not, in and of themselves, grow hair. Also, as previously mentioned, they need to cling to existing hair, which means they won’t work if you are completely bald or in an advanced stage of hair loss.

Hair filler fibers are safely used in conjunction with any of the other hair products such as shampoos, hair sprays or hair growth vitamins without any side effects.

Anyone who looks into the mirror and wishes their hair were just a bit thicker owes it to him or herself to give these products a try.

Hair Fiber Products

They will not brush out or blow off in the wind, but will provide a natural looking scalp cover and hair filler until your next shampoo, when they wash completely away. The fibers come in several color options and can be custom blended to create whatever shade is desired. One bottle will last for approximately a month depending how frequently and how much you use it. There are a dozens products of this kind on the market, but here, we will overview the three most popular brands that have included hair filler fibers in their line of products.

Caboki fibers are available in seven different colors, and as we previously said the colors can be mixed as desired to create custom color blends.

Before use, wash and dry your hair and then to gently sprinkle the fibers over the areas where needed. Caboki fibers are hypoallergenic and are guaranteed not to cause any allergic reactions as the result of artificial dyes or animal ingredients.

Caboki Hair fibers are made from a Moroccan cotton plant known as Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum or Levant cotton. These cotton fibers naturally carry a negative charge and bond with an extreme strength to the scalp and strands of hair.

Caboki Hair filling fibers will not fall out, blow off or even brush out. They do, however, quickly wash out with shampoo and warm water.

Caboki has a policy of a 60 days money back guarantee,

Toppik is another brand of hair fibers that has its set of fans and followers. Toppik users like the fact that it comes in a wider variety of colors than Caboki or Viviscal. It also comes with a number of additional products that each, in its way, help maintain the appearance of thick, healthy and attractive hair.

Toppik is made of keratin (which is also the essential ingredient in your hair and nails)derived from wool, which makes them easily dyed in a wide variety of colors. The fibers have an electromagnetic charge that causes them to cling tightly to available hair, and Toppik manufacturers also made a dedicated spray that intensifies the bond between the fibers and the hair/scalp.

Also, available is a special spray applicator that permits extremely precise application and a brush for thinning hair. Toppik carries an entire line of full hair products that volumize, thicken, nourish and encourage thick and natural looking hair.

Toppik is manufactured by Spencer Forrest, Inc., and they clearly state on their site that although Toppik main component is keratin it does not have the power to make your hair grow. Instead, it just provides the appearance of thicker hair.

Toppik has a policy of a 60 days money back guarantee.

Probably one of the best-known brands of hair filler fibers is Viviscal. Like Caboki and Toppik fibers, Viviscal comes in five different colors that can be custom blended when a particular shade is desired.

Each bottle of Viviscal hair filler fibers provides a month’s supply, more for those who have thicker hair, or who shampoo less often, and possibly less for those who shampoo every day.

They have over 20 years of research and study to back up their products. Seven different clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Viviscal products, and the visual reviews available online are overwhelmingly positive.

Viviscal hair fibers, like the other hair fillers available, are not intended to be used by people who are entirely bald.

In addition to their hair filler fibers, Viviscal also carries a line of 100% drug-free hair supplements, gentle shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum, specially formulated to help the scalp maintain an optimal environment for hair growth.