Why Hair Growth Reviews?

With the glut of information… and misinformation on TV and the Internet, we understand that finding reliable and personalized hair loss information can be very overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes it might make you want to pull your hair out — not that you’d like to lose anymore hair anyway.

As a team of dermatologists and scientists who have gone through this tedious process, our goal is to create a resource that is reliable, honest, unbiased and built around a strong community of people who share experiences related to hair loss. We create informative content with the belief that the finding the right information regarding hair loss should be simple and engaging.

Our Methodology

The team at Hair Growth Reviews works very hard to ensure that our content is informative, engaging and reliable. Simplifying complex hair loss topics and getting information from the right professionals are our priority. We ensure that the review data we gather is accurate and covers a wide range of sources.

We also understand that people’s experiences with hair growth products, either positive or negative, are very useful to others who might be looking begin a regimen. So we welcome people willing to share their experiences and we encourage interaction and engagement within the community.

What We Do

Hair growth reviews ships free products from a wide variety of brands to community members willing to share their experiences and create reviews to share with the rest of the community. We also interview industry professionals and medical experts to dispel common myths and misunderstood concepts about hair loss.

Finally we’d like the process of finding hair loss information and products to be engaging and fun, like we are. So we regularly create content from interactive infographics to blog posts, just to make sure that you get easy to understand and reliable information regarding hair loss.